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  • 95% of partners said they would recommend CAP to others
  • 75% believed they would not achieve the same outcomes in the near future without a CAP

Partnership, support and collaborative working across different agencies are some of the benefits retailers, police, local authorities, schools and community groups say they gain from working with Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP) to reduce alcohol harm among young people and improve their health and wellbeing.

In a survey, CAP asked partners how it could help them deliver the objectives they want for their communities and what they found most helpful about being part of CAP. 

The biggest benefit they found was the opportunity to bring different agencies together around the table to work collectively to find solutions to local problems.

“Through bringing various institutions together CAP provides a great opportunity for a multi-agency approach,” said one. “We gain invaluable resources to address many aspects associated with underage drinking that we would not have access to otherwise.”

Partners appreciated the support, guidance and networking that being part of a national scheme brings and the opportunity to share ideas, experience and best practice from other areas. They said the support they received from regional CAP advisers was invaluable.

CAP has now set up more than 150 local partnerships across the UK since it was founded in 2007. Its national director Kate Winstanley says: “It’s clear from this survey that CAP partners value the opportunity for cross-partnership working to gain a wider picture of what is happening in their communities and to work collectively to find solutions. One of CAP’s great strengths is its flexible, adaptable model, which can be tailored to fit the needs of different communities and the varied approaches they take to reducing alcohol harm to young people.”

Here's what some of the respondents to our survey had to say:

Working together we get a much enriched wider picture of what is happening in our locality and we work collectively to find solutions.

CAP supports partners with the coordination of intervention and gives confidence on what needs to happen with good advice and an organised structure.

It's useful to know what other areas are doing so that we can learn from them.

CAP has a strong focus of bringing together key partners to look at a specific issue that otherwise would receive less attention and consequently lower outputs and learning opportunities. The CAP also provides effective leadership and drive.

CAP also offers invaluable resources to address many aspects associated with underage drinking that we would not have access to otherwise.

The community engagement opportunities which open up, between the police, retailers, schools and communities, so far, it has been an excellent experience.

CAP helps us hugely in achieving our strategic aims, principally making Lincolnshire a safe place to live, work and visit.

CAP helps to align the priorities within a specific place and ensure that a range of partners can contribute towards the same outcomes and add value.

If you are concerned about underage drinking in your community and would like to know more about setting up a CAP to tackle it, please get in touch with your local CAP Adviser for more information. You can find their contact details here.

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Being part of the CAP has brought recognition from the community that we are trying to stop underage drinking. We have also seen a significant decline in attempted under age- purchases and litter has significantly dropped around our premises. I believe that the Midsomer Norton CAP is led with a passion that I have not seen before in a local venture.

Paul Broad
Store Manager Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd

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