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Sgt Dan Smith Chairmans Award

Sgt Dan Smith of Norfolk Police has won a national award for his work tackling underage drinking and promoting the health and wellbeing of young people in Great Yarmouth.


He received the special Chairman’s Award from Derek Lewis, Chair of Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP) at a CAP celebration event at Westminster on June 6. Derek Lewis said: “Over the last 10 years Sgt Smith has chaired the Great Yarmouth CAP – our longest running partnership.  The partners were keen to replicate its success in other areas of the district, and Dan helped support the launch of a second CAP in Gorleston and Bradwell. 


Covid restrictions saw policing change rapidly and officers had to adapt to find new ways of tackling underage drinking and incorporating CAP work into everyday policing. The team were keen to ensure that CAP work continued and local beat managers took the lead on engagement events, getting out into the community, offering alcohol education and working to break down barriers to reach individuals and groups on the fringes of anti-social behaviour and criminality.  Police cadets also got involved in events, stencilling warning on pavements that buying alcohol for under 18s is an offence. 


I’d like to applaud Dan’s unfailing commitment to CAP, his hard work to promote effective partnerships and the flexibility and determination he and his team have shown during an incredibly demanding time for policing.” 


Since CAP was created 15 years ago, more than 250 schemes have been launched in England, Scotland and Wales. They bring together local stakeholders with a shared interest in preventing underage drinking and encouraging responsible drinking among young adults. CAP partnerships are made up of retailers, local authorities, police, schools, neighbourhood groups and health providers, all working together to protect young people from alcohol harm

CAP’s annual report, launched at the event, shows how this innovative partnership approach has brought significant reductions to children’s drinking, anti-social behaviour and underage sales in areas where it has created local partnerships.


Nationally, CAP evaluations show:

  • 62% reduction in weekly drinking for 13-16 year olds
  • After CAP training, 98% of retailers passed a Challenge 25 compliance test – from an average baseline of 50%
  • 42% reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • 68% reduction in residents reporting children and young people drinking in public places to be a very big or fairly big problem

CAP Director Kate Winstanley says: “I’m delighted that in CAP areas around the country we are seeing such sustained reductions in regular drinking and anti-social behaviour among young people CAPs are having a significant impact on reducing children’s alcohol consumption, improving their health and wellbeing and enhancing the communities where they live.”

CAP’s 2021/2022 annual report can be viewed here.


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This innovative partnership is an excellent example of how public bodies, charities and private companies can work together to resolve a community problem. Not only have the partners contributed to the success of the project but also the youngsters of Brecon, whose involvement and commitment have also contributed to this success.

Councillor John Powell
Cabinet Member for Trading Standards
Powys County Council

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